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SCAD DIGI 130 Group Project

For DIGI 130 at Savannah College of Art and Design I was tasked with animating myself for six seconds for a montage style video with all students in class. I had never animated in photoshop before, it was somewhat tedious but very rewarding in the end. I had a lot of control over the line work and colors even though I felt new to the program.


These images were the inspirations for my background. I wanted it to be representative of something in nature but with the colors very skewed along with line work. These artists do a good job of mixing fantasy with reality in my opinion, and that is what I wanted to achieve.

Screenshot (86).png
Screenshot (80).png
Screenshot (81).png
Screenshot (83).png
Screenshot (85).png
Screenshot (79).png
Screenshot (74).png

This is a still from my final video cut, I was really happy with how the bushes came out especially. They give a lot better perspective to the piece and make it more dynamic. The color scheme came together very well and using pink as the character color created a very interesting palette.

rocks g.png

We went with a font I chose for our thirty second section. The font is called Rocks-G and I felt it fit the song very well as they are both somewhat comedic and lighthearted.

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